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You can find us on Google Maps as Katrinasrust Trout Farm. If you plan on getting to us using a GPS please note that you'll lose signal shortly before you reach the farm, but from that point on you just keep on the Slaaihoek road and it won't be long before you see our sign on the left (just over 3km from when you lose signal).

When you get to the farm the gate will be closed, but not locked. Just slide the cyinder up to unhook the chain... it's a 'farmer's lock'.

Please avoid any directions that take you through Waterval Boven, and please take note of the new offramp into Machadodorp below, as it's not reflected accurately on all GPSs yet.


Please note that the Machadodorp (eNtokozweni) entrance has changed, and there is a new offramp in place. The signage isn't great and it can be easy to miss in the roadworks. Please keep an eye out as you're getting closer to Machadodorp so that you don't miss it.

Coming from Johannesburg, the turnoff will be the first left shortly after Milly's, just before the overpass.If you get to the Machado toll gate you've gone too far, please don't pay to go through it.

Coming from Nelspruit, the turnoff is on the left just as you go under the overpass, just past the old entrance. If you get to Milly's you've gone too far. If your GPS tries to take you through Waterval Boven, please don't use that road, it is an almost impassable dirt road, even in a 4X4. It's much better to go through Machadodorp. If you would like an alternate 4X4 route over the mountain, please get in touch and we'll send you directions for Route 30 which links the N4 and the Slaaihoek road.

Machadodorp Exit Directions.jpg



There isn't much to see in Machadodorp, but as you are about to leave town, on the left, is the Machado Butcher. Marina sells the best droewors we've ever tasted, so we highly recommend stopping off there on your way through for a snack if you'd like. And buy extra if you're heading home on a Sunday because she'll be closed and we know you'll regret it if you don't. :)

As for anything else, you can pick up the basics in Machadodorp but we recommend that you bring everything you need with you as we're about a 30 minute drive away from town. There is an OK Express at the Machado Total Service Station (at the new overpass) and a Spar on the right as you get into Machadodorp where you can get most basics, and there are two bottle stores if you need to top up. Marina also sells great lamb, pork and beef at the Machado Butcher. If you'd like to have a meal somewhere on your way in or out, we recommend stopping at Milly's.

The roads from Machadodorp to the farm are pretty good, and have recently been repaired so there aren't any potholes, but as with any secondary road just keep an eye out for animals, especially if you're arriving after dark.

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