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Pets of all shapes and sizes are welcome at Katrinasrust. Two of our cottages, The Oaks and Wisteria, have large fenced in gardens that are great for dogs to safely explore. Here are a few FAQs about bringing your dogs along with you, but if you have any questions that are not answered below, please get in touch with us directly and we will get back to you as soon as we can with an answer.

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are the gardens fenced off?

Yes. The gardens at The Oaks and Wisteria are fenced off, but very small dogs could get through if they really tried. So please still keep an eye on your pups if they're

little Houdinis.

Are all the cottages pet friendly? No, Wisteria Cottage and The Oaks are 100% pet friendly, but Nightjar isn't. There's no fence around the cottage and the space is quite small for large dogs. We do make exceptions for small dogs and sometimes large ones, so please get in touch if you'd like to stay at Nightjar and bring your dogs along.

Are there limits to the number of dogs I can bring? No, but remember that they are an extension of your family and therefore you're responsible for their behaviour. Any damage to property may be charged for.

Are the gardens fenced off? Yes. The gardens at The Oaks and Wisteria are both very large and fenced off, but very small dogs could get through if they really tried. So please still keep an eye on your pups if they're prone to wandering or have a tendancy to pull a Houdini.

Can we walk our dogs off lead? Yes. There may be other dogs on the property so if your dogs are not well socialised please just keep that in mind.

Can the dogs swim? Yes, in the dams and the river. The water is safe and clean.

Are the dogs allowed inside the cottages? Yes, but no dogs on the furniture please. The farm can be a dirty place so please just keep an eye on them in the houses. Any damage to linen or furnishings will be charged for. If you would like to bring blankets with you to cover the furniture then that's great, and your pups are then welcome to join you on the sofa.

Do you provide dog bowls and bedding? There is a large dog water bowl in each cottage, but please bring your own food bowls and bedding along with you.

Are there dangerous animals that could hurt my dogs? In short, no. There are wild animals on the farm but they are mostly nocturnal and would be scared of human or animal activity so will most likely keep their distance. During the day you may encounter cows and horses on the farm but they are very used to dogs. Please just be aware of any cows that have young calves with them, as they will be more protective than ususal.

Do our dogs have to be socialised to bring them with? No, just keep a close eye on them when you are out and about if there are other dogs around.

Do our dogs need to be vaccinated? We would prefer that they were up to date with all their vaccines, simply because we have a lot of fur kids visiting us, but it isn't a requirement. All of our dogs are up to date with their vaccinations.

Are there ticks on the farm? Yes, there are ticks in the veld and your dogs may pick up a couple if they go exploring. Certain times of the year there are more (Summer) and other times less. We recommend that you make sure your dogs are up to date with their tick and flea treatments as a precaution, but we haven't has any cases of illness from tick bites in at least the last 20 years or so. Nevertheless we do suggest that if you notice ticks  on your dogs just keep that in mind if your dog becomes ill once you get home, and if so make sure to mention it to you rvet.

Are there snakes on the farm? Yes, we have some venomous but mostly non-venomous snakes on the farm. They are very rarely seen, and the most common snakes on the farm are water snakes and mole snakes, neither of which would be a threat to your dog. There are two snake bites that would require urgent attention from the vet, those from an Adder or a Rinkhals.

Where is the closest vet? Our vet (The Vets @66) is in Nelspruit, just over an hours drive away. If there is an emergency we would highly reccommend them, and will assist you in getting your pet there as quickly as possible. We are also able to phone them for advice should there be an incident that doesn't require emergency medical attention.

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