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Fly fishing is one of the main attractions at Katrinasrust. There are two beautiful dams to choose from, and each are both well stocked with our own trout. The Island Dam is slightly larger and has a small row boat that you're welcome to fish off, as well at the island which makes a great spot to fish from. The Bottom Dam is slightly smaller but very deep and hides some monster trout in its waters, so we recommend a sinking or intermediate line to get the best experience there.

Fishing is reserved exclusively for guests staying in our cottages, we don't offer day fishing, which means you'll never have too many people on the water.

We are also strictly fly fishing, and don't allow spinners or lures to be used on the farm. For children that would like to fish but have never used a fly rod, it's a great opportunity for them to learn! We'll gladly provide a rod and a lesson or two to get them on their way to mastering a new skill.

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